DanPlayer McKinnon

One Cigarette


In Communist Russia you only get one cigarette. As a smoker and a Russian you find this unacceptible. Beg, plead, fight and take down the whole Iron Curtain if need be to get another smoke.


Mouse + Keyboard Mouse - Aim
Click - Use item
Scroll - Change item
WASD - Run
Hint: Click on people behind the desk using the speach bubble tool.

Source Code

one_cigarette_src-2016-03-07.zip (Flash Develop)


Platforms Web
Status Prototype
Genres Action,Puzzle
Updated 2016
Created 2013
Ratings 18+ Mature Themes, Animated Violence, Drug References
Tools AS3, Flash Develop, GIMP, Wolfram Tones, Jazz++
Engine Retro Flow API
Website http://danmckinnon.net/


Programming, GFX, Music, SFX Dan Player McKinnon
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