DanPlayer McKinnon

Space Demolition


Endless destructable terrain defines this little jam. Find the nuclear reactor, blow it up. You have 10 seconds to return to the start.


Keyboard Only
W - Accelerate
S - Backward
A,D - Turn Ship
Space - Drop Weapon
Enter - Shoot

Source Code

space_demolition-2016-03-07.zip (Flash Develop)


Platforms Web
Status Prototype
Genres Action
Updated 2016
Created 2013
Ratings 14+ Animated Violence
Tools AS3, Flash Develop, GIMP, Bfxr, Arkos Tracker
Engine Retro Flow API
Website http://danmckinnon.net/


Programming, GFX, SFX, Music Dan Player McKinnon
Flym Richard Davey
Bfxr Increpare