DanPlayer McKinnon

Follow Camera

Unity Asset by Dan Player McKinnon


A camera behavior that will follow a game object but never leave the boundary area.


Adjust the camera boundaries and offset.

GameObject Menu → Follow Camera 2D

Set the main camera to a follow camera.

From the main menu...

Game Object → Dan McKinnon → Cameras → Follow Camera

Click "Yes" to add the camera to the main camera.

If there is no "MainCamera" in your scene, a new camera will be created automatically.

Set object to follow

Required step.

Components Menu → Follow Camera

From the 'Add Components' menu

Dan Mckinnon → Cameras → Follow Camera

Inspector Attributes

Offset An offset from which to follow an object from.
Boundaries An area the camera cannot leave.
Follow_what A game object to constantly follow.

Public Members

Public Methods


follow_camera.unitypackage ( < 50Kb)